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Vivien Wang

Vancouver based Calligrapher

Hey you!


Thank you so much for being here. You must be curious about the person behind this page.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Vivien, I am a calligrapher/ lettering artist. My journey started in December 2017. I was fully immersed with my fascination with traditional dip pen calligraphy and have not stopped writing since.


I have continually updated my portfolio and my skill set by keeping informed with the ins-and-outs of this unique craft.  My respect for the traditional aspects of calligraphy and my interest in today’s trends give me a diverse capability to work with a variety of different clients.


With years of practicing and experience,  I have cultivated my lettering skills and worked with the wedding industry, luxury brand activation, and have taught brush lettering and dip pen calligraphy workshops. 


So whether you are thinking of hiring a calligrapher for your wedding, or you are looking for a lettering artist for an on-site event for your company, or just simply want to learn calligraphy, please feel free to contact me. Look forward to working with you.

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